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Career Coaching

Coaching can help you make the best decision and plan with confidence for a successful and rewarding career

Why coaching?

Is coaching for me?

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Why coaching with Karen Walsh?

Career Success Coaching programme

This programme will enable you to understand what’s important, your strengths and your preferences. With this knowledge you’ll be comfortable and confident in what you want and ready to make big decisions about your career.

Once you’ve made those big decisions Karen will support you as you explore options and plan the transition so that you can feel confident in the way forwards.

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Why not contact Karen now to arrange a no obligation Career Strategy Session? See the side panel to your right for more details about this fantastic opportunity.

Career Strategy Session

This is a complimentary, no obligation 30 minute Skype/telephone coaching session which will provide you with a taste of coaching. It will also help you decide if you want to work Karen.

It’s important that each and every client is delighted with Karen’s coaching and the results it achieves.

So she will only provide details about the coaching programme if she believes that it will work for you. Other solutions will be suggested if it’s felt that they will work better than coaching.

Karen has innumerable skills and strengths and is an ideal person to help people to look at situations in a new and productive way. She is empathic, kind and has a vast armoury of activities, questions and ideas to help people who find themselves at an impasse in life. A real find!”

“Karen provided lots of helpful exercises and discussions for me to consider, which positioned me better to do well at the interview stage.”

“A friendly and authentic touch to bring out the best in you!”

“ Excellent 'all rounder' coaching. Liked Karen's use of questions and tests.”

If you do not change the direction in which you are going, you will end up where you are headed”  Confucius